Xiechuang data enters gem to seize the opportunity of upgrading consumer electronics industry

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Xiechuang data (300857), a manufacturer of intelligent terminals and data storage devices for the Internet of things, landed on the gem on July 27 with the latest closing price of 13.39 yuan and the latest market value of 2.766 billion yuan.


co creation data is an influential high-tech enterprise in the rapidly developing consumer electronics industry. The company focuses on the intelligent consumption of electronic products and the use of audio and video news coding and decoding technology, closely follows the technological change and market development trend, and has always launched new products around the intelligent terminals and data storage devices of the Internet of things.


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co creation data is developed gradually under the background of focusing on intelligent consumer electronic products and audio and video news coding and decoding technology based on the accumulation of permanent research experience around consumer electronics manufacturing. It is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of intelligent terminals and data storage devices of the Internet of things around consumer electronics Stable private lottery platform, and always keep up with the development trend of technological change and market, stabilize private lottery platform and launch new products.

co creation data firmly seizes the development opportunity of specialization of global electronic manufacturing industry and intelligent terminal becoming the main data flow entrance in the era of Internet of things, stabilizes the private lottery platform, and selects intelligent terminal products and data storage equipment for customers with the mode of matching R & D and manufacturing (JDM) and independent design and manufacturing (ODM).

after years of market development, xiechuang data has established a permanent and peaceful matching relationship with famous technology-based enterprises such as Lenovo Group, 360 group, youmi supply and answer chain enterprise (chuangmi Technology) and China Mobile's Internet of things company, and has gradually become the secondary supplier of China Telecom and other communication operators.

with the breakthrough and upgrading of R & D capability, the market influence of CO creation data products has been rising, and the sales volume of the products has also increased year by year. In 2019, the company will sell 9.7784 million sets of Internet of things intelligent terminal products with smart cameras, Internet of vehicles intelligent terminals and intelligent Netcom gateway as the generation, and 2.5122 million sets of data storage devices with solid-state disk and rigid hard disk as substitutes. The main product shipment volume has strong competitiveness in China.

this time, the company raised 434 million yuan, which was separately invested in xiechuang Internet of things intelligent terminal production base construction project, xiechuang Internet of things research and development central construction project and added fluctuating funds.

Among them, xiechuang Internet of things intelligent terminal production base construction project now plans to go through the construction of Internet of things intelligent terminal production base, upgrade the production capacity of the company's Internet of things intelligent terminal, so as to further strengthen the company's competitiveness in the Internet of things. After the project has reached its production capacity, the company will add 6 million sets of intelligent cameras per year, 2.5 million sets of intelligent terminals for Internet of vehicles, 2 million sets of intelligent speakers per year and 500000 sets of intelligent Netcom gateway.


co creation data focuses on independent innovation and re innovation by introducing advanced technology, lays emphasis on product development effect, and masters many central technologies around hardware and organization design and news transmission, including auto focusing technology, voice restriction technology, video frequency acquisition soft light technology, camera low power consumption technology, mobile detection technology and Internet of vehicles In addition, the company has the ability of independent design, manufacture and debugging of WiFi module.

after more than ten years of development, xiechuang data has accumulated the leading technical strength in the industry around video terminals, network access devices and data storage devices. Up to now, xiechuang data has 240 authorized patents and flexible parts copyright, including 23 invention patents, 88 utility model patents, 41 exterior design patents and 88 flexible parts copyrights. The contribution of R & D innovation patents to promoting the development of the industry has been highly recognized by all walks of life.

Due to the development of the consumer electronics industry and its own competitive advantage, the revenue and good revenue of CO creation data have continued to grow. From 2017 to 2019, the company's good business separation was 1.153 billion yuan, 1.178 billion yuan and 1.556 billion yuan, and the net separation of the company's parent company was 46.021 million yuan, 67.9177 million yuan and 95.279 million yuan.

(source: Securities Times)

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